Career Opportunities

Partnerships with local authorities

CMB founds its most solid convictions on the quality of work carried out, on the service delivered and on its organisation: factors of distinction attributed to individuals and their skills. Technical basics, the ability to work in a group and to objectives, flexibility: the systems used to manage Human Resources at the Cooperative are built around these notions.


CMB uses several integrated channels to recruit personnel: from job advertisements to spontaneous applications and contacts with schools and universities. The department of Human Resources and Organisation handles recruitment in terms of a candidate’s motivation and attitude; the relative managers are involved as regards assessing technical knowhow and specialist skills.

Work placements and apprenticeships

A work placement or apprenticeship is a fundamental channel leading to possible full time employment at the firm: CMB provides the resources needed to organise personal training courses designed for the acquisition of specific skills that are in great demand in the job market. The work placements are designed for students and the relative schools and colleges with projects matching the diverse necessities. They last an average of two to six months, offering people the chance to integrate into a working environment and get a correct overview of the Cooperative and its values.

Training and Induction Plan

The induction in the company is based on a system consisting of working alongside expert personnel, classroom learning and training in the field. The Training System at CMB is on an annual basis, based on the method of Analysis and Balance of Skills possessed individually by its collaborators. The Cooperative is supported by external consultants for the development of its training programmes and in-house tutoring, in addition to its partnerships with the main Training Colleges.

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