A cooperative with a hundred years of history, but also a company with plans for the future.
This dual nature is the backbone of operations at CMB, accustomed to transforming growth into job opportunities, safety and social progress.


Let’s take a look at a journey lasting over a century and explore the most important moments in our history.
One hundred years of dedicated work, of loyalty to the original values of solidarity and collaboration while aspiring to progress, of adapting to the shifting parameters in the economy and society.

cmb today

CMB Società Cooperativa ranks among the leading construction firms in Italy.
Today, it plays a leading role in the construction of major infrastructures and buildings, specialising in the development of large real estate projects and the redevelopment of complex areas.

sicuri per mestiere

Sicuri per mestiere, the innovative project jointly developed by CMB and Satef (the training and consulting firm with which CMB has been working for more than 15 years) is continuing to grow and gain importance as the basis for safety management within our Cooperative.


The system of governance at CMB is founded on Member participation and control; members are involved in decision making and executive processes and are actively responsible for defining the company’s tools and objectives.
Let’s have a look at the groups of people in charge of decision making: namely the Board of Directors, the Board of Auditors and the Group Management.


A complete description of the history of CMB, its operations and partners in addition to details of its core sectors.
Detailed information about the cooperative, in a flip-through version.
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