sicuri per mestiere

Sicuri per mestiere the innovative project jointly developed by CMB and Satef (the training and consulting firm with which CMB has been working for more than 15 years) is continuing to grow and gain importance as the basis for safety management within our Cooperative. Launched in 2009 on the Unifimm Tower and Nuova Agorà construction sites in Bologna, “Sicuri per mestiere” has been successfully implemented on the Fondo Aristotele project for the construction of the new Chemistry, Pharmacy and Earth Science Departments at the University of Modena, then on the Coop Sigonio supermarket project in Carpi and, most recently, on the infrastructure construction sites at Cascina Merlata in Milan and the Ringroad at Novellara, Reggio Emilia. The project’s adoption has also involved the Project and Services Division, which has chosen to implement a specially adapted version of it on the Unifimm Tower maintenance and services contract.

Today, almost five years since it left the starting blocks, “Sicuri per mestiere” has received two national awards from the Inail workplace accident insurance institute and has been approved by a technical committee as good practice at the national level, leading to its inclusion in the occupational safety section of the Labour and Social Policy Ministry’s website.

Functioning almost entirely by an “informal” approach, “Sicuri per mestiere” operates on several levels: on the construction site, simplifying the task of safety staff and helping to create a climate of cooperation involving everyone concerned, including supplier and subcontractor personnel. During contract negotiations, “Sicuri per mestiere” has attracted the attention above all of “enlightened” private clients such as the Fondazione Feltrinelli, enhancing CMB’s reputation at a time when the public approval rating of construction firms in Italy is falling. Moreover, safety and the environment are becoming key considerations with the biggest foreign investors, as well as a real competitive factor in tenders. The awareness is emerging amongst those who conceived, supported and realised the project that they have generated a change in vision and mentality in the people involved. Not to mention real improvements in the worksite climate and a reduction in accidents.

In 2009 “Sicuri per mestiere” was created to provide parallel, integrated support for the occupational health and safety side of the company's Integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management System. Now we are called upon to review the possible directions in which the project can be evolved: we know how much work is needed to implement it during the start-up of construction sites and the difficulties of adapting it to the specific risks linked to individual procedures, and last but not least the needs of all the players involved.

During the last few days, meetings and training sessions on the “Sicuri per mestiere” system have been held in order to examine its strong and weak points and possible improvements, and the ways in which it can be evolved to fit the specific nature of construction sites and needs.

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