A cooperative with a hundred years of history, but also a company with plans for the future.
This dual nature is the backbone of operations at CMB, accustomed to transforming growth into job opportunities, safety and social progress.

Its modes of action can be summed up with the following principles:

  • to achieve participation of the workforce in the management of the business, putting it at the centre of its financial initiatives and making it the master of its own success
  • to use the value of cooperation as a principle, distributing work to members uniformly, and also as a tool, bringing individual needs and identities together to create a combined centre of interests
  • to pursue financial advantage as a means to generate a model of richness for the purpose of generating lasting social wellness benefitting the entire community
  • to transform spaces into suitable places for the representation of human activities, considering construction as the highest representation of the ability of man to transform the place where he lives.

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