CMB Società Cooperativa ranks among the leading construction firms in Italy.
Today, it plays a leading role in the construction of major infrastructures and buildings, specialising in the development of large real estate projects and the redevelopment of complex areas.

CMB is a mixed capital cooperative (cooperativa a mutualità prevalente) with over 1400 cooperating members and investing members. CMB has founded its expansion strategy on its strong business and social ties with the local areas where it is based: Carpi, Milan and Rome have been the permanent bases for the cooperative’s operations and the building of new spaces and new functions for several decades.

Designing, building and managing major works: CMB plays a leading role, guaranteeing high standards of quality and services for its customers in the processes and products it delivers.
Nowadays, its acknowledged production skills are combined with the knowhow needed to coordinate the design and subsequent stages of management, maintenance and delivery of services.
With a century of history, the cooperative is looking to the future: ready to take on new challenges based on innovation and the strong motivation of all its members.

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